A luxury chauffeured car makes the best first impression

Whether you are representing a large, well-established corporation or a dynamic, small company in a period of rapid expansion, first impressions are of vital importance when meeting with prospective customers and business partners. This is one of the reasons that luxury chauffeured vehicles are the preferred option for visiting businessmen and women who fly into Perth to attend meetings: arriving in your own chauffeur-driven car simply looks much better than turning up in a regular taxi. However, there are several other important benefits that such transportation has to offer when compared to the alternatives.


  • Convenience – If you are preparing for a crucial business meeting, you don’t want to be worrying about how long it will take you to get a taxi when you land or how well your driver will know the city. Book a privately chauffeured car and you can rest assured that not only will it be ready and waiting for you on your arrival at the airport, it will be driven by a consummate professional too. As soon as you disembark from your plane, you can simply make your way to the arrivals lounge where your driver will be waiting to greet you and escort you to your waiting transportation. Book with a top-flight company like ourselves and you are guaranteed a chauffeur with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Perth and the surrounding area.


  • Comfort – With vehicles such as the Holden Caprice, Toyota Kluger, and several other luxury vehicles from which to choose, you can look forward to a supremely comfortable ride when you travel with Link Airport in Perth. With luxurious seating and plenty of room in which to spread out, the type of vehicles you can expect to travel in when booking chauffeured corporate transportation will make working on the move a positive pleasure. If you have ever tried to finish a presentation or work on a spreadsheet while sitting in a cramped taxi or on busy public transportation, you will appreciate just how much easier a spacious chauffeur-driven vehicle can make your life when travelling on business.


  • Entertaining Clients – If you are planning to take your clients out for a meal during your time in Perth, the services of a knowledgeable chauffeur will be indispensable. Whether you fancy visiting Chophouse for a top-quality steak or dropping into Brika for some delicious Greek fare, your driver will be able to whisk your party to your chosen destination in comfort and style, before dropping you off at your hotel afterwards. Top eateries aside, Perth has a host of other entertainment venues from which to choose, all of which will be at your disposal when you have an experienced corporate driver on hand.


  • Professional Image – We have already mentioned first impressions and how a chauffeur-driven vehicle will ensure that yours are always positive, but such transportation will also help to set the tone for all of your business dealings while in the city. The ability to take prospective clients and business partners to the best spots in town, in a prestigious vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur, will impress upon them how serious you are about doing business together and will reassure them that your organisation is on a sound financial footing too. If you consider the image you would project by ferrying potential business partners across the city in a minibus and contrast it with the lasting impression you are sure to make by transporting them in a privately chauffeured vehicle, we are sure you will agree that the extra expense justifies choosing the latter option every time.

When you consider the many advantages it has to offer, the difference in cost between hiring a luxury chauffeured vehicle for the duration of your stay and using public taxis to make your way around the city is more than worth it. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you leave to go home, a chauffeur-driven car will not only make it much easier for you to do business in Perth, it will ensure that everybody you meet along the way will take both you and the organisation you represent seriously. To request a competitive quotation for luxury corporate transportation in Perth, please do not hesitate to contact Link Airport whenever convenient.